Thank you for taking all the time you did with us. Our bathroom is beautiful, and the work was orchestrated timely and nicely. We'll be calling again! And Again! Thank you so much for such a dedication to your profession. - C.D. Lewis, Greensboro, NC

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Kitchen Remodel

” A Kitchen Remodel is not what it used to be,” says Ray Hubbard, owner of Legacy Building and Design in North Carolina.  In a recent interview, the high profile kitchen designer and general contractor Hubbard, said “gone are the days that we just paint the cabinets and call it a kitchen remodel.” “Customers are

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Legacy Building and Design Makes TOP 550 Remodelers in America

Legacy Building and Design:  110/550 Remodelers in America When it comes to Remodelers, Legacy Building and Design of Winston Salem, NC  received the rank of 110 out of 550 remodeling companies across the nation according to the industry leading Remodeling Magazine.   “This has been no small feat,” says company communications director, Coy Lawson.  Legacy Building

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Contractor Ethics: 5 Things you should ask your remodeling contractor

Contractor Ethics:  5 Things you should ask your Remodeling Contractor We’ve all heard many of the horror stories involving some unethical Remodeling Contractors.  In many cases, these horror stories wouldn’t happen if homeowners would learn, “5 things you should ask your Remodeling Contractor.” When most people decide to embark on a remodeling project, they are

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